Welcome to MissMagnoliasMoxie's Learning Community

A structured and studious space for seasonal herbal study

Who We Are

This network brings together all of the students and group members from across the greater MissMagnoliasMoxie Learning Community--from the students taking our intensive P3 Exchange program to those enjoying the daily conversation going on in Healing Cupboards for Healthy Communities - Gardeners and Wild-crafters. 

It is a "hub" for you in your learning journey: a place to converse with herbalists from all walks of life and to explore the offerings of MissMagnoliasMoxie and its guest instructors.

Benefits of Joining

  • Access to a vibrant and diverse community of herbal gardeners, apothecarists, and clinicians with experience and expertise in a wide variety of areas. 
  • The convenience of social media without the hassel of ads or the interference of an algorithm: you get to choose what you (and others) see!
  • Easily navigate upcoming events in your area, free or paid classes and groups, downloadable resources and livestream archives.
  • In-network-only discounts on the MissMagnoliasMoxie store for bulk herbs, tinctures, salves, teas, and more!
  • And, most of all: a well-structured, but highly creative space for you to grow as an herbalist and explore your interests!

Learn more about MissMagnoliasMoxie

MissMagnoliasMoxie is owned and run by Donna Sullivan Smith, a medicinal herb farmer and practicing herbalist. 

She is dedicated not only to growing high-quality herbs, but living a life dedicated to the cultivation of others: helping them achieve their dreams through education AND connection. 

Read more about her mission and offerings at https://missmagnoliasmoxie.com/..

A Big Shoutout:

We LOVE our group members! 

Not long after MissMagnoliasMoxie created its first online community in 2019, we have become well-known for cultivating communities full of highly engaged members with incredible passion for the plants that give us health and happiness. 

This is all thanks to our magnificent members: THANK YOU!